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Red squirrel

We have a colony of red squirrels in our woodland and we do all we can to protect and monitor them.  We have a woodland squirrel hide to help you see them at close quarters. 

Red squirrels at Killhope
Here are some of the main difference between reds and grey squirrels.

Red Squirrel

  • Key Features: Ear tufts on adults. Bushy tail all one colour.
  • Coat: Usually reddish-brown with a pale bib. Can vary across the season from almost black to very light in the summer when they can appear blonde or greyish.
  • Size: 18 – 22 cm body length. Slender build. Weighs around 275-350g.

Grey Squirrel

  • Key Features: Tail has white edge like a halo. No ear tufts.
  • Coat: Predominantly grey. Very often tinged orange/red/brown
  • Size: 25-27 cm body length. Stocky build. Weighs around 400 - 600g.

A red squirrel is not always red and a grey is not always grey... coat colour is not the best way to identify squirrels.

The ears and tail are better guides for identification and with this guide you should be able to easily identify reds and greys.

Accessible hide near the reservoir 

Woodland hide